Petunia, The Girl who was NOT a Princess.~ Ebook Review + Giveaway

Petunia, The Girl who was NOT a Princess

By: M.R Nelson ~ Illustrations by: Holly Liminton

Petunia lives in a house, not a castle & does not want to be called a Princess.Unlike other princesses Petunia does not want to wear frilly dresses and enjoys wearing her favorite sweater. Since all the other princesses don't like to play alone, this little not so princess likes to play alone. That's until Penelope moves in down the street, just like a princess Penelope loves wearing dresses but she likes to play outside & get dirty. Petunia & Penelope soon become friends live happily ever after. 

This book is perfect for every little girl,Petunia, The Girl Who was NOT a Princess teaches children it's okay to want to be different from everyone else but you can still make friends who have things in common. You do not have to dress & act like a Princess to be a princess. The moral of this story is to teach little girls & even boys that you can make friends & still stay true to yourself.  

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