Merry Christmas, Little Hoo

Merry Christmas, Little Hoo

By Brenda Ponnay

Weather you are mom or grandma, Merry Christmas, Little Hoo is the perfect book to read to the little ones this Christmas Eve. 

Merry Christmas, Little Hoo tells the story of Little Hoo who should be sleeping Christmas Eve but this little guy is distracted by the noises. Is it reindeers on the roof or elves in the kitchen? Join the fun this Christmas with this great book for children of all ages.

This fun little book is great for children of all ages. Little Who is a curious little owl on Christmas Eve who can't sleep from the noises he hears, Little Who imagines that these noises must be from Santa & his elves & just like any curious little guy he must investigate. Only Little Who finds nothing on his journey around the house but wait till he finally falls asleep. This book was not only great to read to the little ones but also brought back memories to when I was a child who could not sleep due to the excitement on Christmas. 

Disclaimer: Mom Talk reviews received an ebook copy of Merry Christmas, Little Hoo for Free in exchange for an unbiased review

Alyssa Waters

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