It's A Steal! Thrift Store Deal of the Week~ Snugli Stroller

I have always been one to try to save as much as I possibly can even on things that I MUST have. Lately I have been on a thrift store kick in attempt to find everything that baby #3 will need. 

Now I must brag about today's Thrift Store Find. 

As I walked into our local Goodwill I had the urge to go straight back towards the section they house all the household & bigger toys. Thanks to this urge I found this beautiful Snugli Baby Stroller. The husband had no clue what all my fuss was about once I laid eyes on this "bad boy", my only words to him were "Sorry honey but we ARE buying this". The $50 price tag for a used stroller set him back a bit but with a little bit of explaining about the features & demonstrating how it works, I  started to convince him why in fact we needed to buy THIS stroller. Since even then I could tell he wasn't on my same level ,I brought out my next tactic; the pricing of the Snugli Stroller, I asked the store if they could hold it for 10 minutes while we ran home which they agreed so I could simply pull up the site where these strollers are sold. 
Ladies I was able to convince the hubby by showing him this stroller in fact sells for $400 without the Geo Padding (Currently on a sale for $199.99 from justkidsstore) & the padding cost another $29.99 (Both still being sold online) 

With a tiny bit of cleaning on the pads (Just a quick wash), our "New" Snugli Stroller looks brand new. 

The features on this stroller are out of this world. The "Bucket" Seat has 3 levels that it can be moved to be Reclined back, Forward or centered. The seat comes off so you can have baby facing you or outwards & the handle can be moved in or out so mom can be comfortable pushing. Super easy to collapse (Once you figure it out), The Wheels can be detached for storage & it's  very light weight. 
I can not get over how great this stroller is so far & can not wait for the baby to get here to see her in it. 

Alyssa Waters

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Rose said...

Nice stroller. It looks very solid, safe and portable when folding!