BobeeInc Wall Decal

BobeeInc Wall Decal 

Need a quick, easy way to spice up the walls in your house? BobeeInc Wall Decals are simple vinyl "stickers" that stick to your wall in seconds & don't damage your walls during removal. 

If you are looking to decorate your walls without taking hours to paint a quote then wall decals are the simple way to achieve just that. Each wall decal is simple to install & should only take a few minutes to put up. 

I got the opportunity to work with BobbeInc to review a custom name deal & chose "Okeefe" to show pride in our daughters last name in her nursery.

 I couldn't believe how easy it was to place our decal on our textured walls. It took less than 5 minutes to figure out placement, peel off the backing, & stick the decal on the wall. The hardest part took less than a minute of running the sticker like decal onto the wall & slowly peel off the wax like paper to leave a gorgeous vinyl decal on our baby girls wall. 
When reading about how difficult having a textured wall can be when placing decals up I was a bit worried it would not stick. This was not the case for us, I was amazed that even with this "difficulty" or name decal came out perfect.

Alyssa Waters

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