Crazy things that sometimes happen during pregnancy- My 2nd Trimester

If you are pregnant or have already had a baby you may know what I am talking about in this post. Today marks my 14th week which means I just hit the 2nd trimester mark. The little miracle of no more pregnancy symptoms has made it's appearance. Sometimes this scares woman into thinking something is wrong when we simply no longer "feel pregnant" but to our surprise that's just something that can come with pregnancy. 

My 1st trimester symptoms:
Nausea ( No real morning sickness)
Sore Breast 
Constant Headaches 
Big Bulging baby bump ( More like bloating)

2nd Trimester Symptoms:

I mean that ladies I have no symptoms whatsoever minus the fact that my girls have gone up 2 cup sizes.  My bump has also decided to disappear. Up until today I had strangers comment on my "bump" who would also make comments that I was big for how far along I was. My midwife told me I would likely be bigger with this baby (being my 3rd) throughout my entire pregnancy and would show much quicker. Well baby has decided to prove people otherwise and hide.  

Here's a picture from 10/ 16/ 2014

Now heres a picture from 10/17/2014

Any other mommies have this same experience with any of your pregnancies? I have read forum upon forum and have seen that many woman  had this same belly disappearance happen but not many who have been through multiple pregnancies. 


Alyssa Waters

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