Catering to the "bump" 1st Trimester clothing

Any mommies who have been through multiple pregnancies have  more than likely noticed that we tend to start showing earlier than the previous pregnancy. That's where "catering to the bump" comes in. 

I'm just days away from hitting 12 weeks and the bump is already making it's debut and wants the world to know it's here. I know many of us think to ourselves that we are showing but when people start making comments about how big you are already it really hits you.  I have heard it all from "Omg look at that bump" to "Are you having twins?!?"  
Now the talk isn't all that hits you when your pregnant, you also get the closet telling you (not literally) that your clothes no longer fit. At just 9 weeks I found myself not being able to button my pants and have made the change to all leggings and yoga pants. I have had moments of almost being in tears, my pants don't fit, my favorite shirts are too short or too tight. This is where cheaper clothes have become my best friends, I've made a trip to Forever 21 and picked up tank tops in a size or even 2 bigger and picked up multiple pairs of leggings and yoga pants.  I also enjoy Appleletics yoga leggings for the stretch factor.
I think it's key for woman not to spend a small fortune on maternity clothing, keep in mind that these clothes may never be worn by you again. Also a key point is in the first few weeks of pregnancy you have no clue how big or even little you may end up being, my two previous pregnancies I never got into maternity pants my bump although big just did not get to the point where maternity pants fit. The main tip I have for expecting mothers is to wait before buying maternity clothing, don't go running to your nearest store the moment your clothes are feeling tighter. Head to your local store and pick up comfortable, affordable stretchy clothing and maybe even try just going up a size in shirts, these tend to be longer. 

Now ladies how did you cater to your bump? Share your stories 

Alyssa Waters

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