5 Great Tips for Influenster (Freebie site)

Alright ladies I have this new Freebie addiction, I mean come on who doesn't love free?!?!
I recently came across this fabulous site called Influenster, now  a lot of people want constant freebies but how about surprise freebies. 
The concept to Influenster is to do what they call "qualifying" surveys, you may get 1 a month or 1 every couple of months. You are sent these surveys only if they suit you based on an initial sign up survey. Also these are sent based on your "Social Impact" which I am about to get into. When you do qualify for what they call a Voxbox ( this is your box of freebies) you will get an email saying "Your IN!" and will give you a hint to what you will be getting in your box. 

If you love trying new products and sharing them with your friends and family follow these 5 tips get started after signing up  for your FREE account. 

1. Connect your Facebook ( this takes the number of friends you have and adds it to your impact score)

2. Add Twitter- You could have 5 followers or thousands, it doesn't matter you want those to count towards your score

3. If you have Tumblr, Instagram, Linkedin or any other social media accounts connect those too. 

4. If you get more followers on any of your sites be sure to disconnect them on Influenster and them reconnect right away ( it doesn't seem to update on it's own). Even just 5 extra followers can make a big difference on your Impact score. 

5. Share any #voxbox items you may get on all of your social sites using the hashtags they ask you to use. and write reviews on the Influenster page. I heard a little rumor once you complete all the task they have on your guideline for your Voxbox you may receive other boxes from the company or qualify for extra campaigns.   

In the upcoming weeks I will be receiving a Victoria Secret #VSSportBra Voxbox filled with goodies that I will be sharing with everyone. Influenster is pretty secretive about their boxes and would only give us selected #VsSportTesters a little hint about a VS sport bra and work out pants but did also state they may have surprises up their sleeves. I love the way this site doesn't give out all the details and gives us something to really look forward to and keeps everyone guessing until the box opening.

WANT TO JOIN? Everyone who signs up (FREE) under my invite helps me out a bit. Send me a quick email saying "I want in" and I will send an invite to you.   Email Alyssa at 1mommy2monsters@gmail.com

Alyssa Waters

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