Our family is Growing

I know back in the day you were told not to announce your pregnancy until till your past the "danger zone" aka 12 Weeks, but I can't hold it in anymore. 
April 17th 2015 we will be welcoming a new baby into our family making this baby #3 and the last. 

In the past two weeks I have been on a emotional roller coaster, I go from happy to in tears, content to moody. The pregnancy symptoms seem to be coming to me slowly. I first knew I was pregnant when I woke up with those achy sore breast, dreading having to put on a bra. Sure enough a week later I had a nice dark positive line on a pregnancy test.  

With this being my third pregnancy I feel like that at just 7 weeks I am starting to get a tiny bump, when the bloating comes around I look about 3 months pregnant. I'm already feeling uncomfortable in anything that doesn't stretch meaning button jeans are no longer an option for me. During my two previous pregnancies I never made it to the point of maternity clothing so I am hoping that this next thrift store trip I can find some comfortable clothing that I can wear a majority of this pregnancy but I have a feeling I will be making a trip to a maternity store.

Join me through this journey. I hope to set up an event soon focusing on expecting mothers or mothers with newborns in the upcoming months.

Alyssa Waters

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