30Days To Fit - Week 2

I'm a little behind on my recap for our 30 days to fit challenge week two, but we did it! Now currently in week 3.

Week two was not an easy week for myself, as it was a bit emotional, however I managed to push myself everyday to workout even if it was just for thirty mins. Some days were a bit easier. I have chosen to stick with the 30 days ab and squat challenge that I mentioned in week 1. On my good days I head to our complex gym for 30mins of cardio on the treadmill.

As I continue to check in with the ladies who decided to join in the challenge, one of the members has a little to brag about. She is down a total of five pounds and her son joined her to stay fit. 

As I end this post I want everyone to remember that it's great just to get moving, even just a few minutes a day will get you feeling better. We tend to think about the number on the scale and give up when we don't see a change or when there's just one pound down after a ton of hard work and lots a sweat dripping, try to remind yourself that the number does not matter. You may not see the progress just yet but know its there, you will thank yourself later. 

Stay tuned for weeks 3 recap, I will be introducing you to appleletics.com, an affordable site for all your workout attire

Alyssa Waters

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