30Days to Fit Challenge Week 1

Getting fit isn't just about losing weight or toning, it's about making a new lifestyle.  We finished week 1 of our 30 Days to Fit Challenge and it wasn't easy. The first week is always the hardest when starting a new routine in your daily life, this week I managed to fit in a small workout every night. Working out was just the start and the easy part, I decided to change my entire diet cutting out all junk and fatty foods. I added veggies for snacks instead of my usual candy and cut out soda (for the most part). Ending week one I am down 2 pounds.
We have a fabulous reader who also joined us in the 30 Days to Fit Challenge who shared that her young son has joined in the groups. She is down 2 pounds and her son is trying to stay fit for Football. They are doing the Ab and Squat 30 Day Challenge she found on  Pinterest. Keep up the GREAT work and join us for another week!
 Be sure to continue to follow this journey, for Workout ideas check out my Health board on Pinterest

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Alyssa Waters

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