Why I chose blogging

Jumping in the world of blogging was not an easy hobby to chose, although I knew it would take many hours, days. Weeks, months and even years to really get going I took the plunge. Each day we are surrounded by products that we wonder "is this worth purchasing", there were many times I decided to take a chance with new products I knew nothing about and felt like I wasted my hard earned money. Through blog reviews I learned that not always were new products not worth trying regardless to the background of the company. I discovered products that I may have passed in the aisle in the past. Blogging changed my views on many things including companies.
 i have enjoyed working with many companies in these past 2 years, big and small. I have the pleasure to work with everyone from unknown Independent consultants, to well known world wide companies and each time it feels like a new journey. I have tested and reviewed products that I may have never given a chance in the past and have discovered a whole new world of taking a chance. 
My blog has taught me so much over the time I've been writing and I hope to learn more as the years go on. I have been able to bring you many post at the hands of wonderful companies who were willing to take a chance with their products to have a blogger give them a little test drive. Thank you to each and every one of you for making this such a great experience. Here's to many more posts to come.


Alyssa Waters

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