Memoir of a young mom

In the blogging world not many mothers reveal their true age, I'm about to break that cycle in this post. I had my son when I was just Seventeen years old, a little too young to be starting but I decided to keep the baby and become a mother. My little girl was born just shy on my 20th birthday. So can you guess my age? If you can't I am a very young 22 year old mother to two wonderful children. 

There are a few things that come with being a young mother.
1. You give up your fun crazy teen years to change diapers and your late nights up are trying to calm down a cranky baby or breast-feeding at 2am instead of going to parties. 
2. You deal with many comments, not all are wanted. A few of my favorites..
* Why did you get pregnant young? Didn't your parents watch you?
*Did you know you could have gotten an Abor (I won't finish the word)?
*Why didn't you put the baby up for adoption? You know there's families out there who want a baby and can't have them and you just go and have a baby when your not done growing up. 
& of course 
*Your way to young to have a baby. 
Although those are all valid questions and I understand you may wonder why I chose to do what I did it is a little out of line to ask some of those things.  
3. Be prepared to lose many of your friends if not all. While they are out living the normal life of a 20 something year old you are watching disney movies and getting kids ready for bed. 

Not everything is negative to having kids in your young years. I enjoy having the energy to run around with my children at the park and growing up with my babies. Everyday is a learning experience for all three of us. I love being a mother and would never change a moment of it. 

How old where you when you had your first?

Alyssa Waters

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