Where do we go from here?

Many thoughts wonder in my mind when I think about re-entering the blogging world. Do I start where I left off or do I start all over from the very beginning? To many blogging does not come easy, it takes many hours, weeks, months and even years of dedication to create a strong blog that catches all eyes. In the start of 1mommy2monsters I could have never imagined getting to the point where I was lucky enough to work with such wonderful companies of all sizes, I was offered many opportunities to test and review products of all sorts. As this hobby of mine grew I was blessed to meet many other bloggers just like myself.

Unfortunately my journey into the blogging world was put on hold for some time while I dealt with many family issues, moving, and working. Now at this very moment I am contemplating starting all over from the very start, re-building an all new blog, fan base and contacts with companies and bloggers.

I want to thank everyone for their support through these last few years, its almost unbelievable that 1mommy2monsters started three years ago. 

Alyssa Waters


Amanda Kee said...

I stopped blogging for a full three months and then I was having a hard time getting back into it.

I didn't start over but I gave my blog a whole new look and just pushed myself to get back into it. I started with some more reviews and now I am back into blogging! =)

I am still going slow for personal reasons but it wasn't that hard to get my numbers back up and such with the right promoting.

Cathy Mini said...

Sorry to hear you were dealing with some family stuff, but I am happy to try to support you however I can coming back to blogging!!

Kung Phoo said...

I think you can pick up where you left off.. I am sure people understand the situations.. Life happens..

Leelo R said...

I agree with Kung Phoo - You can pick it up where you left off. Since growing your blog is hard, then I would just rebrand the existing blog and explain everyone why I did it. Actually I am thinking about rebranding my blog myself, because I am just not happy with the name etc.