Pinterest Addict- Confession #1

I have a confession I must make about Pinterest. I am addicted! Ladies, I seriously can not get enough of this site. If possible I will spend hours at time on Pinterest just searching through pins.
So what am I confessing here? I have to confess that I haven't attempted most of the DIY pins that I have on my boards from fellow pinners. I sit at my computer day dreaming about owning the clothing in my Momma Needs This board, & I have barely cooked anything in my food boards. 

Now I think it's time I start trying the tips or crafts in my pins. What do I have to lose? So what if my outcome isn't the same as the pin that I followed, or the food that I attempt to make turns out tasting awful. Join me as a challenge myself to stop just pinning & give the tips a try. 
Share your pinning journey with us. Tells us your successes & your pinning fails. 

Alyssa Waters


Darci said...

I love Pinterest too, and like you, I always pin but don't attempt much on there. I have done quite a few recipes though! Pinterest was one of the best inventions ever!

Beth said...

I love this site, too. I can always find some great idea!

Christina said...

You are not alone. I am addicted as well!

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

I love Pinterest too! I think there is a big advantage in being able to see all of the wonderful images of all of the products that we like.