Applesause Little Bites- Finger foods for your toddler

Applesauce Little Bites. 

All of us mommies know or have seen yogurt bites, those tiny yogurt melts for our toddlers to easily pick up & place in their mouth without the worry of mess or chocking.
Now you can make Applesauce bites at home. (I haven't tried home-made yogurt bites but I'm sure it would work the same way) 
Here's how


- parchment paper
-Applesause (squeeze pouches work best example: GoGo Squeez)


Place little "dots" of applesauce on Parchment Paper 
(Use pan if needed or plate)
Place in freezer 
Return in a few hours & you will have perfect bit size no mess applesauce bites. Perfect for your toddler

Alyssa Waters

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