Revolt, week 1- I made it!

Earlier this week I mentioned a 12 week challenge with Revolt. Nichole Wilhelm Huntsman has designed weekly work out routines along with weekly meal plans. I'm proud to announce to you I have completed week 1 thank you to the great motivation I've gotten from reading such great post on the Revolt private facebook page (Only seen by Revolt members)
Although I must confess after day 1 I didn't think I would make it to day two to return to another work out, but feeling up to a challenge, I amped myself up to just jump to it & get it done. Now I get to brag about finishing my first week, without skipping a day & even taking advantage of our Wednesday free day & worked out on our "day off"
I didn't sign up for this challenge to lose weight, being a mother of two it was a lot harder to lose the chub after the second baby (dreaming it would just melt off, but never happening) I tried many different work out videos but just got bored with them, doing the same work out over & over & over again I gave up. With Revolt you don't have to worry about that.  

If I'm going to be honest, I haven't really stuck to the diet plan however I did cut out all the junk food & sugar filled drinks. As I mentioned before I'm not trying to lose weight at  124 pounds & 5'5 I do believe that my number is where it should be, I decided to take on this challenge to strictly get back into shape & tone up. At the moment I haven't seen any changes, for I have been at it for just one week, however I can feel a change in my body with more energy & great motivation.

Wither you are trying to lose a few pounds or just tone up  join the challenge & join Revolt . Chose a package that fits you, start for just $10 a month. Give it a try. JOIN THE CHALLENGE HERE

Testimonials from Revolt

“I thought about starting this program for a while. When I finally did, I realized the workouts were amazing and challenging, and I loved that!! Tis has truly tested my capabilities. Its helping me realize that anything is possible. It’s about not giving up and doing that one last rep even if your legs are going to fall off or you think you’re going to throw up!”
Krista Yardley Ward

“I have a 4 year old boy, a 2 year old little girl and a 6 moth old little boy. I am so busy, only taking 45 minutes a day to hit the pavement just to get out of the house for some peace and quiet.
The reason I love this so much is because Nichole has made it so simple. Eat this-do these workouts…and the positive interaction kept me going. The interaction itself was what I needed. Posting a picture every week definitely kept me from licking the peanut butter off the knife as I made sandwiches for the kids, and dipping my spoon in the icing for a little sugar fix. I have enjoyed planning a trip out, and making sure that I had a meal/snack to take with me. I NEVER go anywhere without my kids snacks; I now have to think about myself as well. This is exactly what I needed! This has been quite the accountability partner I have needed.”
Merilee Giles Reagan

Alyssa Waters


Melissa Ryan said...

I will have to look into this more. I did C25k and mostly want to get more fit, not necessarily lose weight. I try to jog or bike ride nearly every day.

Parenting Patch said...

I used my blog to inspire me to lose my baby weight. I lost all that weight by 5 months postpartum. Revolt sounds like a great way to inspire weight loss and healthiness.

Jennifer Van Huss said...

I need a program like that! I need to loose weight but find myself full of excuses. I love that its a meal plan and exercise as I feel you need both to be successful. What if you had dietary restrictions (i.e. i'm gluten free due to celiac disease) can they help you accomodate?

Erica Sandwall said...

I walk everyday and am going to try the Jillian Michaels videos.

Alyssa Waters said...

Jennifer- Nicole, who has created this program is very hands on, when you join you get an invite to the private Facebook page, many woman have your same issue & have found meals that work around it. Revolt is just so wonderful with many people there to help keep you motivated.

Renae C. said...

Dieting is hard. I think it would be so much easier with a program. Good luck to you!

Bethany Ferret said...

Awesome. My husband and I just started counting calories but I really need to start exercising, too.