He said WHAT?!?- Words straight out of a 3 year old little mans mouth

Mommies are all about teaching our kids young about manners, being big on polite kids I began teaching my little man from the moment he really started talking. We started with the basic "please" & "thank you" which he grasp very quickly but then we started having issues with the little man ignoring people when he was spoken to. Although kids not talking to strangers is a HUGE "oh thank goodness" moment it also comes off as impolite when people just say "hi" or "hello" to a child & that child is just silent so I would always tell my little guy that is okay to say hi back but it's not polite to ignore someone. Finally grasping that concept he loved saying hello to people but then it back fired on me......
One day while walking through our local store an old man had caught little mans eye, insisting that he say hi to this man he proceeded with a nice "HELLO". Not knowing if this man just ignored him or just didn't hear him my son continued with another hello. Once again the man said nothing, then little man comes out with "EXCUSE ME SIR BUT I SAID HELLO TO YOU, PLEASE DO NOT BE RUDE". My mouth instantly dropped & trying to correct my son I told him that children can't talk to adults like that, the man turned around & apologised to my son for not saying hi back, & proceed to tell me that he was right for what he said, that he was being rude by not responding & told me to keep up the work to a very polite child. I was shocked & didn't know what to say, I don't think we ever really think what we are teaching our kids might possibly back fire & some what embarrass us one day.

Ever have a HE/SHE SAID WHAT?!?! Moment? Share then with us with a commment

Alyssa Waters

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Christina Thompson said...

My little guy likes to listen to people talk even when we think he can't hear us. He once turned to his brother and said , "get out of the d*** car you b****. Thankfully we were at home and no one heard him. Needless to say, we had a little talk.