Letting it all go- Secrets revealed

As many of us do, I have secrets that I allow myself to keep. Many things in life I do not enjoy letting out, but in this very post I will be telling You a secret not many know, only ones close to me know this dirty little secret. SO HERE GOES.
Readers of 1mommy2monsters really do not know the REAL mother behind the scenes, you may know my name as Alyssa which yes that is my name. However you do not know the age of me, the status of my relationship, nor do many of you know what I do for a living.
I was born March 8th **GULP** 1992, putting my age at a low 20.
Living the "normal" life I attended school (Charter then Public), I attended a High School that majored in Informational Technology.
Unfortunately yet fortunately I became a mother at the very young age of just 17. Falling in young love a was with my son's father for two years attempting to make our relationship survive parenthood. Just a short few months after our son was born his father could not handle the pressure & began to look for "love" elsewhere while I hung on not knowing what he was doing while I was at home with the little one & he was out. Months in I found out a few things a woman could go a life time without hearing, For the sake of my sons future I decided to take a plunge & become a Single mother.
Down the road comes my daughters father........Well let's just say after finding out we were going to have a daughter things went sour, he didn't want a girl & demanded we try for a boy as soon as she was born. He became abusive, after a rough night I got the strength to leave.
So here I am writing this post, letting it all out & a PROUD single mother of two beautiful HEALTHY children.
I am currently holding a Sales Associate position at a clothing company called GAP while I work my way through school, for plans of becoming a Sonogram Tech.
In the night life of motherhood I write 1mommy2monsters which began as a support blog, building into a REVIEW & GIVEAWAY blog. Although many would frown upon how early I took this position of mommy I would never change a thing. My "monsters" are my life, saving me from many different outcomes that many face at this young age, I would take Motherhood over a frayed future.

Alyssa Waters


becca said...

i am so proud of you and the fact that you are taking the responsibility to raise your children on your own. I know for most having a partner would make it easier but I give you so much credit for doing it yourself and putting your children first. bug hugs for a job well done.

Marti B. said...

Your children are a blessing. Sure, the situation wasn't ideal, but you're here now and you've got to live your life with wisdom and strength, for your own sake as well as theirs. Keep up the good work.