Bath time for Mr.Ducky

As parents we all worry about our children being clean & we love to make bath time fun for our little ones. Throwing in Mr.Ducky & the water cups with out a thought, but maybe we should think about what we are really throwing in the tub.
"mold can start developing in 24 to 48 hours, according to Kristy Miller, a spokesperson for the Environmental Protection Agency." We don't always think about drying off the tub toys completely after bath time but putting away damp toys could lead to a harmful mold around our children, & worse they are playing with it.
So mommies maybe it's time for Mr.Ducky to get a bath himself. Throw all the bath time toy in the bath & give them a great wash down. Be sure to DRY THEM COMPLETELY before putting them away.
Mix three-quarters cup of chlorine bleach per gallon of warm water, then soak the prewashed toys for five minutes
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Alyssa Waters

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