Where's the Holiday Sprit?

Every year for Halloween all of us kids would get ready all October just for that one big day where everyone dresses up & just has fun. I remember growing up that just about everyone in the neighborhood would decorate, carve pumpkins & dress up to hand out candy to all the little ones. All the kids would meet up with a few chaperon parents (My mom was one of them), we would go out for the night & return home with smiles on our faces & dump out our candy on the floor to share with mom & dad.
As the last few years have passed it seems to be that people have lost their Halloween Spirit, kids are now dressing up in normal clothes, teens finding the sexiest outfit to wear out. This "holiday" had lost it's light in the Jack-O-Lantern, this year we attempted to bring the kids out for a classic Trick Or Treat night & our neighborhood was light less, no one wanted to partake in this little night of fun that used to be huge for us, out of about 30 house in our little loop only 4 handed out candy to the little ones.
Despite the lack of spirit tonight my three year old little man was still the happiest ever. After our attempt of Trick or Treating he gave me a big hug & said "Mommy your a sweet mommy, thank you. Happy Halloween"
 In the end you just have to make the best of what you got to experiance.

Alyssa Waters


Edmund said...

Halloween is just becoming Big over here, so maybe the spirit is coming over to Asia! :)

Just Becki - A Confused Mom said...

I agree. Less homemade costumes, ungrateful teens, and less fun all around. We went to the mall but left out a bowl full of candy thinking it would be empty when we got home and only a few pieces were gone! Made me sad. My LO had fun but I wonder what we'll do when he gets older, the mall is only fun for toddlers and pre-schoolers!