The Faces Behind 1mommy2monters (Our Story)

1mommy2monsters was created October of 2011, after hearing from my sister, writer of Life Unexpected: Adventures of a SAHM about blogging I decided to take a leap & create my own blog page to help cope with leaving an abusive relationship while 5months pregnant with Monster number 2. This momma never thought that blogging would turn into a sweet addiction, bringing a different kind of life style & creating a new hobby.
We have had such an amazing time sharing stories, reviews & hosting giveaways with you & hope to continue to have such a pleasure for many more years to come. Becoming a blogger & working with many people & companies has brought in many opportunities to really express our thoughts with everyone, we have met many warming people in this journey & we hope to continue to grow more & more each & every day
MEET Mommy & Monsters
MOMMY- My name is Alyssa Waters
Single mother to the monsters
Sales Associate at Gap
Likes: Blogging, New products, Starbucks, Peanut Butter Cookies, Play time with the monsters, FALL, Make-up, Unique fashion pieces, Thrifting
Dislikes: Fussy monsters, High prices, being contacted for reviews & then never hearing from the PR again.
Monster #1- K-Man
Born: Aug 16th 2009
3 year old ALL BOY wild man
Likes: Trains, cars, Riding his bike, Trying new things,
Dislikes: Sissy taking his toys, Peanut Butter,
Monster #2
Born: Dec 16th 2011
Likes: Picture being taken, Taking her brothers car & trains, FOOD
Dislikes: Nap Time, Teething

Alyssa Waters

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