Turn diggin' time into Learnin' time

K-Man has always been one to play in the dirt & as a typical mom, I'm always thinking "Don't get too dirty", until I discovered " A LITTLE DIRT NEVER HURT ANYONE". I decided since I wasn't going to keep the little guy out of the dirt I would join him & turning dirty play time into Learning time. So today we got out our sand buckets & shovels & began to dig in the dirt pile to see what we could find.
Today in our dirt pile we found a little earth worm that K-Man dug up from his home, I picked the worm up & explained to him that worms are good for our earth, they help create (the thing that makes our plants grow) soil. Being as curious as ever, my little man asked me "How does he do that?" I explained to him that the worm eats the sand & then poops it out making soil. The little guy was so excited to see what else we could find.
We found some acorn's that had fallen from the neighbors trees & he began to tell me that acorn's come from the trees to make babies. The baby frees grow up & then become mommy & daddy trees. I was in awe that he remembered me telling him that acorn's are how we get New trees from old ones.
Each day can become a learning experience if you dare to get dirty, catch some bugs, & just have some fun with the kids.

Alyssa Waters

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Empowered Momma J said...

Love your message behind this post. Getting dirty lets you be one with earth and experience/learn new things. Great post. Stopping by from Exposure 99% hop.