Confession of a not so perfect mother

As a mommy blogger I know your not suppose to admit to not being perfect, but guess what I'm NOT the perfect mother. Define perfect though? Cleaning a house all day, being a stay at home mom, kids never acting up, & getting the kids to behave all the time....
I'm sorry I live in the real world, where I must work, my little ones love to destroy the house, where there are moments that there may be something sticky hiding in the kitchen & the wonderful moments where your three year old may tell you NO I DON'T WANT TO DO THAT or I DON'T WANT TO TALK RIGHT NOW.
So here's a confession from a mother in the real world, there are times that I feel like I must lock myself in my bedroom to get away, maybe cry for an hour & then go cuddle with the kids. At times I love to put the cleaning off for a while so I can just sit down & relax from a long day of monsters running around & a day of customers asking you to measure their breast for bra shopping ( I work in GAP BODY). Or a break from cleaning up baby powder that the three year old got ahold of & dumped it on everything in every room.
So there you go  world. Alyssa aka mommy is not a perfect mommy blogger. GASSSSSPPP

Alyssa Waters

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