Where does the time go?

As all mommies know it will always feel like your child was born just yesterday. Well I have three babies, K-Man, Mel & 1mommy2monsters(This blog) & it's too hard to belive that we just celebrated two big marks in our journey of life. K-Man just celebrated the big 3! Yes that's right my little boy is 3, but I swear he's really 23. I never imagined having full conversations with my little guy this early & seeing him strut his stuff around a store saying "Mommy I'm a cool guy & your pretty." but he is. Where time goes we may never know but I do know that the way time is flying by K-Man will be moving out before I know it.
We are also celebrating hitting over 400 blog followers! It feels like we were just at 1 not too long ago. We really can't believe it. We hope that we will be bringing you more & more reviews & giveaways. 1mommy2monsters hopes to continue to grow just like the monsters

Alyssa Waters

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