Go Mark Crazy with Mark.ed by Karina- Review & Promo

Ladies kick those other beauty boyfriends aside, tell Mr. MAC to kick it to the curb & bring in Mark. Why are we paying double the amount for beauty products that can be bought for half the price. We all want to feel like a million bucks, but we certainly don;t need to spend a million. What if I told you that you can still feel amazing with your make up on but feel even better knowing that you didn't pay $20 for just one eye shadow. Sounds too good to be true right? Well ladies we are here to introduce you to Mark.ed by Karina a fabulous independent consultant for Mark. That's right ladies we said INDEPENDENT, Karina is here to help you with all your make-up needs.
Just like us you have probably heard of Mark & think "well it's just like all of the others", but Mark is so much more. Your not just walking into a store & picking up some eye liner, mascara, & eye shadows, oh no! you are working with someone who is there to answer all of your questions, who will give you insight on the products your picking, & who is there to help you complete your beauty look. If you have little ones you know how difficult it can be to go somewhere to buy your make up, your little one doesn't want to be good while someone is trying to test different shades on your skin to get you to buy some bright hot pink eye shadow you may never wear & that will cost you an arm & a leg.

Mark products are very affordable, offering great products for an inexpensive price. Mark brand is made by Avon targeted at a younger audience offering a beauty and fashion boutique. Eye capturing, sassy, elegant, & stunning, the mark. experience gives you an opportunity to mix it up, make it your own and make your mark. When you buy Mark you are getting limited edition items so you always get a chance to spice up your life & constantly change your style even when it comes to your make up. We have a secret to share, well maybe its not a secret, Mark doesn't just offer make-up, they offer clothing, shoes & accessories too. Now your really thinking this "line" sounds way too good.  MyMarkStore is really the site where you can create & bring together a flattering look for yourself from head to toe (or face to toe)

When Karina asked 1mommy2monsters to do our very first make up review we were beyond excited but didn't know what to do when it came to picking out great make-up to test out. I will admit when I went on Karina Tobins website, I was a little over whelmed & wasn't sure where to start so we decided to leave it to our Independent Consultant. She knew just what to send, she asked me the simple question "what color are your eyes" & sent us many earth toned shadows that would help bring out the eyes. She also picked the
*Go with the Pro Mini Brush Kit
*Cleo-On the Edge Hook up Liquid Eyeliner
*Blacklash Scanda Lash Hook Up Mascara
*Moss I-Mark Wet/Dry Eye Shadow
*Corset I Mark Wet/Dry Eye Shadow
*Nightly I Mark Wet/Dry Eye Shadow
*Luster I Mark wet/dry Eye Shadow
*Juice Gems
*Snap to it mid
*Go to print cosmetics case
Karina hit the right target, as soon as this package arrived at our door I just knew what was inside. I used Mark for the first time at 9pm at night just because I refused to wait to give it a try. The next morning I went to work with my new make-up on & instantly was complimented by my co-workers on my make-up.

We must admit at first this momma wasn't sure about trading in her Mac make- up for Mark but it was LOVE AT FIRST USE
So what are you waiting for Give Mark.ed by Karina a try.
Visit her website at karinatobin.mymarkstore.com  
& Or join her team & become an Independent Mark Consultant today.
**When ordering let Karina know that 1mommy2monsters sent you her way. All orders will receive 30% off **

Alyssa Waters

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