Ace it with Logan Powell- Review

Appetite Control Energy
"Better than a diet."
"Healthy Weight Lose through Appetite Control & Energy"
All Natural Ace with Logan Powell
Do you want to lose those few or many extra pounds, but worry about all the different diets out there & wonder if they are healthy?
Ever hear about ACE but want to know what it's all about?
We had the chance to work with Logan Powell an Independent Ace Consultant & give Ace a try. We have heard many things about this weight lose SABA product,but knew nothing about it until we heard from Logan about a review.
What is Ace?
All Natural Appetite Control Energy Supplement
It contains:
* B6 also known as the "mighty vite" B6 helps by aiding in the manufacturing of amino acids, which is required to build proteins that are essential for the repair & growth of our tissue
Metabolizing our foods & converting these foods into energy
*Chromium- the essential trace mineral for your metabolism of carbohydrates & helps regulate your metabolism
*Coca Powder- Good for your heart and arteries
*Green Tea Extract- High in a powerful antioxidants that help fight cancer causing agents.
Those are just a few of the key ingredients in Ace that help you Control your Appetite & gain energy.

How do you "use" ACE?
Ace comes in pill form for easy "Usage", take on an empty stomach (the whole point to control your hunger) or 1 hour after you eat. If taking ACE on an empty stomach doesn't go well try taking it with breakfast in the morning. It is VERY IMPORTANT to drink 16.oz of water within 10 minutes of taking ACE & to drink at least 8 glasses of water each day. MUST TAKE BEFORE NOON. When first starting out take only 1 pill, if your not seeing any hunger control or no energy increase after a few days you may take 2 a day, 1 in the morning & 1 in the early after noon.
NEVER take more than 4 capsules a day & Skip one day per week.

Just like any other "dietary supplement" ACE does not work the same for everyone.

OUR EXPERIENCE- Well as most of our readers know this momma is breast- feeding the young monster so I was unable to take ACE (DO NOT TAKE WHILE BREAST-FEEDING OR  PREGNANT) so for this review we had to bring in my hard working, always on the run, no energy for fun mother. At first she was iffy about taking ACE because she was worried it would affect her throughout the day (energy crash, feeling ill), however see never had this issue when she finally gave it a try. She found herself with a boost of energy to help her get through her busy day & didn't have a craving for food while she was out (a quick bite to each was always in her normal routine). She had told me she would highly recommend ACE to any man or woman who needs some extra help with shedding a few pounds & who could use some extra energy (She lost 4pounds in two weeks, just in time when she was having a hard time losing before)
ACE it, Shed a few pounds, Gain a little Energy & Love your body.

Find ACE here- All Natural Ace

Alyssa Waters

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