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Make Yourself a Unique Gadget with MIT's DIY Phones
Many of us want our phones to be unique. Because of this, many opt to buy skins to customize their phone's appearance. Even with skins, however, we can find many people with similar phone appearances as the designs are template and a single design is sold to multiple people. If you want your phone to have a uniqueness beyond sticker designs, then I suggest trying the new DIY phone hype.

DIY or Do It Yourself phones are, as the name suggests, phones that are assembled by the users themselves. A DIY phone kit contains the basic parts to create a phone and the rest is up to you and the instructions manual. The appearance is customized as you will also be selecting what type of materials you will be using for the phone. The size, shape, style, and artwork is all up to you. Despite being not exactly high end, DIY phones have several benefits. Here are some:

1. Fully customized phone Your phone's design is not only the thing that is unique, even the materials and overall assembly will be different. You can create a retro, steam punk, girly, fashionista, and other themes. Aside from this, you know that your phone's internal parts have been assembled by yourself. If you want a phone that you can say that is yours, a DIY phone is a great option for you.

2. Unique experience Assembling your own phone is not only fun, it is also educating. Doing so can widen your knowledge on electronics. If you also like tinkering stuff and assembling things together, making your own phone brings a unique and fun experience. DIY phones are also for those who are creative and would like to experiment on different things. Making your own phone design is a rewarding and fulfilling experience at the same time.

3. Great savings the MIT DIY phone is available for the very affordable price of $150. This is the lowest rate that you can get in a phone. The only phones that can come close to this price are cheap prepaid cell phones. And in terms of functionality, the DIY phone can do what these phones can with the advantage of being a head turner.

Making a stand out phone for a small price is really a great way to save money. If you are also looking for great deals when looking for a new phone, you can check Sprint Promo Code to get discounts and promotions from Sprint.

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