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Every Locket Has a Story.... What's yours?

Origami Owl
Custom Jewlry
"Everyone of us has a style and a story, and who better to create your masterpiece than you?"- Bella (Founder of Origami Owl)

Every Living Locket is custom designed with charms that tell the story of your life, wishes, or dreams & represent YOU, Nothing says YOU like a piece that you create on your own. You no longer have to worry about a locket that has that one charm you wish you could do without, with Origami Owl it's all about YOU, You choose your charms, chain, & locket. Create your story, wishes or dreams

Up until we got an email from Sharon Roberts Phillippi an Independent Designer with Origami Owl, we never heard too much about this fun custom jewlry, but boy are we glad we now know everything these is to know. When ordering Origami Owl, you are dealing with Independent consultants who are there to help you every step of the way & answer any & all questions you may have. We knew very little about the  process of making our creation & Sharon was very quick to help. Once this momma was on her way to put together her very own Living Locket, the hardest part was choosing which charms to put in my locket, always feeling like I was born in the wrong decade I went with 3 vintage style charms to represent my state of mind.
Shortly after ordering my Living Locket was on it's way & arrived within 5 days, as soon as my package was here I quickly put the charms in the locket & placed the necklace around my neck. Working in retail I see many new people daily & you wont believe how many compliments I got on my Origami Owl necklace & was asked where you could find them, I quickly told them about Sharon & Origami Owl.

Make your own dreams come true with your very own Origami Owl business.
Contact Sharon Phillippi today @ wahmsha.origamiowl.com

Order yoour Living Locket
Lockets Price: $20-$38
Charms: $5
Chain: $12-$22

** Sharon provided us with a Living Locket, Chain & Camera charm, we purchased 3 vintage charms with our own money. No compensation was provided for this review & experiance is personal & honest**

Alyssa Waters

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