Bio+Green Crystals

Bio+Green Crystals
Earth friendly & child safe

Going Green? It’s time for a little Spring cleaning inside & out. Mommies go under your cabinets & throw out all those harmful chemical filled cleaners & say hello to Bio + Green crystals. Worry no more with Bio+Green crystals you will no longer have to be worry about the chemicals around the kids, getting industrial strength cleaning without the stress about the kids getting a hold of those harmful, air filling chemicals.
            What are Bio crystals? “Plant & mineral derived, non-toxic surfactants. Acid-free, No phosphates, No petrochemicals. No Sodium lauryl sulfate, No dyes, Water soluble biodegradable sachet” What does that all mean? It means you no longer have to worry about those nasty, harmful chemicals. No longer having to worry about that awful sent of Ammonia filling the room after scrubbing down the bathroom, kitchen or any other room in need of some Spring cleaning. 
Mommies if your kids are anything like my little man, he’s always getting into everything I don’t want him in especially those cleaning supplies (he has a love for cleaning), then Bio + Green crystals are for you. The little man is always wanting to help spray cleaner on the counters & his toys, but I would never allow him to because of all the chemicals & worry that he would spray it on himself , in his mouth or spray it on someone else like his baby sister. Now with Bio Green crystals a plant based child safe cleaning liquids I can let my little man help clean his toys & not have to worry about where he’s spraying it.  Don’t live that nightmare of the baby getting in the cabinet filled with chemical fill substances & replace them all with Bio + Green crystals.

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Alyssa Waters

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