Success to Blogging, How do you do it?

Ladies my blog may not a big shot yet, but I hope that one day it will be. Many hopeful bloggers come to me and ask "what is the key to blogging", one word ladies & gents CONFIDENCE. I am very confident when it comes to 1mommy2monsters, & even though we are not HUGE yet, we will be one day! Your blog could take 2months or 2 years to have thousands of followers but it's worth the work & every single word on these posts. I take pride in everything I do on this blog & really take pride in my reviews & put a lot of work into 1mommy2monsters.
So for all you bloggers just starting out, or you hopeful one day to be bloggers DO NOT GIVE UP.

For all you bloggers out there who have a big fan base, how do you do it? Share your success

Alyssa Waters


Anonymous said...

Blogging is a tough job. But totally worth it and lots of fun!

1mommy2monsters said...

I am very glad you shared that. I love having fun with this blog. I love that I am incontrol of what I get to write & just enjoy myself

a2zbaby said...

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1mommy2monsters said...

Thank you. I love your site, it's the perfect go to baby store to stalk up on those must need baby products

insomnia said...

I'm sure it will grow into a monster itself! Confidence is the key. Happy blogging. Jill from the 7 kids hop:)

Sara said...

I loved this post. I earlier this year I was reading about how to get more traffic to our sites and the biggest thing I read was content. You must have "must read content".

I think you are well on your way.

Found you from the 7 kids and counting hop. You can find us at and