Pink Zebra Tiffany Holcomb Review

Pink Zebra

“Change your Fragrance Change lives”

Ladies the new “candle” is here! Throw out those old candles & turn to Pink Zebra Soft Soy Wax Sprinkles instead. With Pink Zebras soft soy wax you get a cleaner, longer burn, maximized fragrance & a responsible, renewable & sustainable earth friendly wax. Offering you 40 different scents to choose from you will have many possible room filling, joyful scents to make you feel warm inside your house & let off a welcoming scent to your guest. Pink Zebra offers flameless, that’s right flameless simmer pot for mommies who are concerned about the flames with the little ones around.

I know that your thinking, how can these little “sprinkles” fill the air with room filling fragrance? These little sprinkles are super concentrated levels are high quality fragrance oils & soft soy wax blended together giving off 50% more fragrance than your average candle. You decide your fragrance, chose one single scent or mix your favorites to create your very own. Have fun with Pink Zebra soft soy sprinkles & go wild with the scents.

All Pink Zebra sellers are Independent Consultants giving you reassurance for great customer service. As long as your happy with your consultant you will be sure to order from the same one over & over. Tiffany Holcomb was very wonderful to work with, so great I will be a returning customer for many times to come. Keeping me updated on my order & checking in to see how I enjoyed my sprinkles.

As I have shared before I am a huge Scentsy fan, however after testing out the sprinkles from Pink Zebra I am now a sprinkle lover. Loving the Red Delicious Apple & the Grapefruit Mandarin, these scents fill up our bedrooms & living room. I enjoyed the quote cards that come with each jar of sprinkles from Pink Zebra, giving them a little extra to set themselves aside from other companies.


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Alyssa Waters

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