Hoo Doo Shoes Review

Hoodoo Shoes

Filling Every Women’s Shoe Addiction

Hoodoo shoes? Women of all ages that’s who! Ladies if you haven’t heard of the wonderful site for women’s shoes you really have been missing out.

Catering to every style, from flats to pinup couture heels, providing every woman with all her shoe needs. Ladies I want to point out that just because you are a mother that does not mean you are no longer sexy & can’t feel your best at all times. In fact kids or no kids every woman should feel amazing & sexy with a new pair of shoes. Spoil yourself ladies, spoil your feet, you do so much throughout the day & deserve to treat yourself & what better way to do it with a new pair of shoes (or five)? It’s time to turn those heads to your direction, wither your happily married or single & ready to mingle, get the attention you deserve & bring a bright confident smile to your face.

Hoodoo Shoes started with just one single mother who knew she must do something to provide a little extra income to help her support her daughter. With the love of shoes she came up with a site that allowed women to shop from the comfort of their homes, not having to worry about packing the kids in the car & then them running around the store. Now shopping for shoes can be enjoyable even with the kids around. Today Hoodoo Shoes is ran by the very same mother & her daughter, very soon they will be expanding their company bringing even more varieties to their huge collection

Ladies I will be honest I do not know much about shoes, but I do know I have a sweet addiction to them & know that feeling when you find those “must have”, “to die for” pairs that you just cannot resist. My heaviest shoe addiction is to the heels (what woman who is 5’5 wouldn’t want to feel taller) & Hoodoo has become my go to site to feed this sweet addiction. When I found out about Hoodoo Shoes I was instantly in shoe heaven, I literally spent 2hours just looking at page after page of gorgeous shoes. After a long thought I finally came to the conclusion that I must have these gorgeous Demonia black, lace front, combat boot styled heels.


Carring every style shoe that you could think of (minus sneakers, but hey what woman feels sexy in sneakers?) this site has really found a way to help woman find their perfect pair. If I had a complaint it would be how hard it is to pick out just one pair of shoes, I fell in love with shoe after shoe & found it harder & harder to narrow my huge selection to just one. I Love Hoodoo Shoes so much that I have started a mommy shoe fund that will go directly to buying shoes from the comfort of my home, in my pjs.

Let’s make it a shoe revolution & throw of the old pairs & renew yourself with sexy shoes that will turn heads.

Where to find HooDoo Shoes?
Online at: hoo doo shoes
Facebook: Hoo Doo Shoes Online

***Hoo Doo Shoes send me a pair of shoes for testing purposes. No other compensation was given for this review. You may or may not share the same experience as I. ***

Alyssa Waters


satin said...

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1mommy2monsters said...

Thank you. I take pride when a company has me write a review for their products, I know how hard it must be for a company to send a product to a blogger & hope for the best, I try to give what I would expect. Please email me at 1mommy2monsters@gmail.com to discuss what you would like to see.