The good ol' days

The Young Days
Do you ever stop & think "wow I wish I was young again"? I think about it everyday while playing with my 2 year old & smiling at my 2month old while she's getting some belly time. Missing when everyone would look at you & just think how adorable you are, now as you age you have to worry about thinking "wow she's looks old, did she gain weight?" When your a child people just say sweet things like "oh my aren't you getting big", if they said that to you instead of your child that would be an insult.
In just 3 days I will be having a birthday. Although I am still considered very young, I feel like I am getting old. Yes I am only turning 20 but kids age you no matter how young or old you are. The other day talking to a man who I though was in his early 20's (turned out to be in his early 30's ) thought I was in my late 20's, LATE?!?! Of course when you tell them your true age they try to "fix" it but saying things like "oh I just thought your were older because of the way you carry yourself, they way to speak" NO really it's because you think I look older.
Sometimes I wish people would look at me & say "look how cute you are" (Not really cute, but heck anything would work). I miss the good Ol' days

Alyssa Waters

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