Nikkie Made It- Review

 Are you a busy mom? Forget to put on deodorant some days? You are not alone. As a busy mom to two I know how hard it can be to stay on top of daily routens & still feel like your hygiene is in tip top shape.
This momma is a huge fan of body sprays, but is also very picky when it comes to picking just the right one. I must own over 30 different scents & maybe use 3 of them. When  NikkiE-Made-It asked me to test out their product I was quick to jump to the answer "I would love to".  I received the SUGAR PLUM body spray & instantly fell in love with this scent. Unfortunately for me I was not the only one in the house who loved this scent, my 17 year old sister was quick to "steal" this great smelling product from me. Her exact words were "I've never smelled anything like this, too bad for you I'm taking it."

Daily Beauty Ritual(Included on the bottle): "Spray all over body as you get out of the shower and prepare for the say feeling refreshed! Can be used as a leave in hair conditioner as well!
We put this Ritual to the test! After a refreshing shower we all wish this feeling would last, well with NikkiE Made It products you can keep that feeling lasting. Feeling great & smelling even better is now possible. Of course we even tried the "leave in conditioner" aspect to this product, Mikayla my sister has the type of hair that always feels mated, now with the Sugar Plum spray her hair is feeling softer throughout the day.

"Paraben Free Bath and Body Products Why paraben free?  Parabens have been used to prevent mold growth in personal care products for decades. Methyl paraben was first discovered on fruits such as blueberries. A recent study in England discovered parabens in breast cancer tissue. There is also concern that parabens may be an endocrine active chemical."

Where to find NikkiE Made It? Just click this link & be brought to Natural Amazing Sprays & Lotions NikkiE-Made-It

Alyssa Waters

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