Good Deeds, Have you done yours yet?

Growing up my mother always taught us children to do as you would want others to do to you. As we grew up she taught us to do "good deeds", many people think that they have to do something big to make a difference but do not realize it is the little things that matter the most. There are also the kind of people who think that you only do good deeds around the holidays or on the holidays. Why do we need a special time to do something great for someone else? Why not make everyday a special day? Something as little as holding the door for an elderly person, helping someone who dropped their items pick them up, or even just returning something they forgot can go a long way.
The other day I was out thrifting with my wonderful mother & we stopped by the grocery store to pick up a few things, on the way in I noticed something black left in the cart, that black "thing" turned out to be a women’s purse. My first instinct was to of course get it & turn it in to customer service, all I could think is "that could be someone’s life in there". I know many women like my mother carry around all their credit cards, ID, & debit cards around with them every day, & could not imagine their purse getting in the wrong hands. While we were in the store the woman who had left her purse returned & the employee in the store had told the woman that "the lady with the small baby with a pink flower in her hair found it". She came up to me & began to cry, hugging me telling me "you do not know how much you did for me today". She continued to tell me she was on her way to her daughters baby shower & never carries cash with her but that day she had over 300 dollars to pick up some things for the shower. She then handed me $5 which I tried refusing(I didn't expect anything in return for doing the right thing). Good things come to people who do the "right thing" & who do good deeds

So ladies I have a mission for you all. I would love for you all to do atleast one "good deed" & share your story with me & all my readers. Lets pass it on.

Alyssa Waters


Jennifer freeman said...

I always make a point to do the small things everyday. Have you ever walked past a group of people and no one says anything to you? Most people either 1 think it's rude or 2 they don't even notice because it's so usual. I try to always say hello, good morning, how are you.... When I walk past someone or walk into a room with people. Always hold the door for people, say thank you. I do a lot of people watching and I notice how rude people are so I try to do my best everyday not to be that person. So the next time you walk by a stranger say hello with a smile. It may be what that person needs!!

1mommy2monsters said...

Jennifer thank you so much for sharing that. I am one of those super friendly people who will say hello, goodmorning, have a great day & always smile at people. I never really thought about how far just a simple hello could go.