Dating with kids?

Being a young & single mother my dating days just are over yet. As I'm working my way back into the dating market I stop & think how the heck do you date with two kids? You can't just take your kids on a first date with! Another great thought that pops into mind is how do you catch a man's eye when your walking around with a 7week old in a baby carrier & have a two year old holding your hand.
Recently I was asked on a date by a man who has known me for years now & knows about the kids, but had to turn it down due to no one to watch the kids. Even though we have known each other for a while it would still be our first date & you can't just bring the kids along with you. Today he asked me on another date & of course the answer was "I would love to....if I can get someone to watch the kids" Sooner or later he may just give up if he keeps getting the same answer

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Alyssa Waters

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My Baby Sleep Guide said...

I don't have a good answer to your questions, but I would consider doing a date at your house in the evening once your kids, or at least the 2 year old are asleep. I maybe woudldn't do this for a stranger, but if you know him well he'll understand, and he obviously wants to go out with you, kids and all. I would consider doing something even with your kids awake. I only suggest with because your kids are really young. I would be careful about having him spend too much time aroudn your 2 year old though, unless you ever find out something is permanent. Those are my uneducated thoughts :)