Breast Feeding Month 2

Very excited to announce that Month 2 has went by wonderfully. Last month I told you all about this little infected milk duct of mine, well that little duct became huge & literally looked like a 3rd nipple. After 7days of antibiotics(obviously safe to take while BF) it was gone by Feb. 4th. The antibiotics were the hardest to to follow, having to take one pill every 6hours, 1hour before eating or 2hours after eating. Now Amelia is a happy baby being able to just latch on however she pleases without her mommy having to keep that nasty duct away from her due to the pain it brought me.
I will have to say breastfeeding has been wonderful thus far & hope to have many many more months to go.

Amelia is a booby monster.

I want your opinion. Do you think it is okay to Breastfeed in public? Would you just take your breast out in the middle of the store & feed your baby?(not covered with anything)

Alyssa Waters


sarah said...

Hello Alyssa. First of all I have read your invite at Bloggy Mom's and immediately visited your blog. I am a 43 year old mom who has 7 kids and most of them have been breastfed. I do not usually breastfed in public though I know there feeding stations in some malls here in the Philippines. Since you are form the US, I believe most malls have been baby friendly and that includes a mom's privacy to breastfed.

Some women do advise to save on's milk in a bottle with the help of a breast pump. Though I haven't' done that with my kids as I was then a SAHM and rarely go out, you might consider that as well. What I practiced was I usually mix feed my babies as there are times I am very tired with house work that I cannot breastfed them immediately when they are hungry. My mom had advised me that breastfeeding should be a peaceful experience and to avoid being stressed out or emotional as the baby might absorb that as well.

There are just suggestions that you might consider. At any rate , congratulations for choosing to breathed your baby. You made the right choice.

Brenda said...

I am a 28 year old sahm with 3 kids. My 8 year old was breastfed until 3 years old, my three year old daughter and 1 year old son are both still nursing. It is such an amazing feeling knowing that I am providing all of the nutrition they need! I always nursed my babies when they were hungry, no matter where we were. when they were infants it was easy to cover us with a swaddling blanket or something similar, but once they got older they all hated being covered. The best I could do was this: I always wore a nursing tank under my t-shirt. Then lifted the Tshirt to nurse. That way my belly was covered by the tank and the top half of my boob was covered by my Tshirt. Nursing tanks usually have all the way around the boob opening to help keep you covered too. I really love the Gilligan and Malley brand from Target. Good Luck!

1mommy2monsters said...

Amelia is baby number 2 for me. Keaton was breast-fed till he was 11months when he weened himself off. In FL you can breast-feed in public & are not required to cover up. We have a few cases where we live where places asked a breast-feeding mother to leave so In return women set up a sit in at the same time & all breast fed.

I do believe you should be able to feed your baby in public, however I think some women should be more discreet about it. I will not just take my breast out. We have 3 moby wrap carriers that are wonderful for breast feeding.I also have a "hooter hider" I would not want my son seeing another woman boobs. Hes 2 & understands that some babies get their food from boobies.