Are you looking for a baby shower gift, Birthday Present, or a gift perfect for any holiday? Scentsy products make great gifts or even try them for yourself. Scentsy is the new alternative to candles, filling the room with welcoming scents without the flame.

I am very excited to share with you a great popular Scentsy product called the Scentsy Buddy. These buddies are perfect for your little ones room, the babies nursery, & even for your child to walk around with. Scentsy Buddies are cute cuddly animals with a changeable scented pack in their back, letting off a light scent.

Our Experience: Keaton received Ollie the Elephant with the cucumber lime scent pack & we got Ribbert the Frog with the sweet pea & vanilla for Amelia's nursery.When we received our buddies Keaton insisted that I smell them just about every 5 minutes telling me "Mommy, he smell good".  Keaton LOVES Ollie & carries him around everywhere, he even goes on car rides with us, every night Ollie sleeps with Keaton. The buddies where such a hit with the little man that he went into his sissy's room & took Ribbert & told me "Sissy don't need it, I take".

If your looking for a great way to let off that welcoming scent in your home but worry about the flame from a candle or that scented spray just doesn't last long enough, try Scentsy. With Scentsy you will never has to worry about a flame, you will have a long lasting fragrance filling the air.

Wickelss Wonders offers many Warmers, Scent bars(to melt in your warmer), Fragrance Bars, Scentsy Buddies, & scent packs

To Find Scentsy products from Wickless Wonders please visits:
Facebook: Jenny Montez Wickless Wonders
Website: jennymontes.scentsy

*I received Scentsy Buddies for reviewing purposes, no compensation was provided for this review*

Alyssa Waters

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