Breast-Feeding Month 1

Amelia was born 12.16.2011. It has been 6 wonderful weeks of Breast-feeding thus far, well minus the the huge, infected, clogged milk duct. According to my lactation coach this is very common in woman who produce a lot of milk. In many cases when you produce a ton of milk you will have milk in the surrounding ducts around the nipple. Apparently my duct was not open but still filled up with milk & now I have what they call "a sucking sore" this is from the baby sucking on the clog duct. After a very painful 2 weeks of breast feeding on my right breast I was finally prescribed some medication & must hold warm towels soaked in water to my nipple 3 times a day & then hopefully everything will be back to normal. 
1month down, many more to go. 

Alyssa Waters

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