I was recently in a store with my two year old son who I dress up like a "little man" when a women stopped me & told me I should be ashamed for dressing my son the way I do. I have never dressed my son in what I call "baby" clothes, I feel like I even though yes he is a baby I do not need to dress him up in clothing with puppies, bears, & ducks. I have always called Keaton "my little man" I even called him little man the day he was born. I have always had a "punky" style myself but I have never tried to make my son look like a "punk" eventhough we do put him in shirts with skulls or guitars on them but I also will put Keaton is a collared shirt with kaki pants.
I do not see any problem with dressing your child in something that appears to be "punk", I do not go out of my way to find clothing with that style. Keaton wears clothing from Gymboree & Gap. which are the stores that all his skull & rocker clothing came from.
I want to hear from you what you like to dress your children in. Which "style" do you like for your children?

Alyssa Waters

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