Should I really be complaining?

My two year old LOVES to help. If mommy is cooking, cleaning, trying to get stuff ready for the baby it is constantly "Mommy I helpy". It seems like anything I do my little beast has to help me with it. I love that he wants to help, but sometimes it just makes everything more difficult & will make it take ten times longer than it should.
A quick trip to the store can turn into hours in no time. Keaton always has to help put stuff in the cart & push it. Cleaning can turn into a nightmare with a two year old trying to help you with everything, try sweeping the floors & having your little one run up at try to grab it screaming "Mommy help, mommy help" I can not count the number of things that have been broken from him "helping". Not to mention trying to get ready for the new baby that is due December 9th, trying to get her room together & moving furniture from room to room, getting everything to match on a major budget, Keaton tries to help his mommy move everything & then once mommy gets in the place that she wants he feels the need to move it back to where it was.
It always worries me when I'm cleaning the house using sprays & chemicals around him to clean the tables & floors. I just don't like thinking that they can make him sick. I usually use anything that is all organic & safe for children but sometimes its just too hard to find & not to mention the cost of most of these products.
Many people would love for their child to help them with house work, but when your dealing with a two year old it can just make it harder. If only he was a teenager who wanted to help, then this mommy would be set & would never complain.

Alyssa Waters

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