Momma with tattoos

As if being a young mother didn't bring me lots of attention in the stores, I am a young mother with tattoos & a few are visable. I constantly try to cover them due to not wanting that extra attention. I enjoy being myself, but sometimes I feel like I am punishing my children by being the way I am. People judge upon apprearance more than ever these days. They can not see that regardless to my age & the way I look I am a great mother who puts her children first, I am intelligent, & no matter what I motherhood comes before pleasure.
Since when did it become acceptable to judge someone by their appearance?  I am very unconventional, I will admit I enjoy tattoos, piercings, & crazy clothing but now I feel like I must change for my childrens sake so they don't see people stareing at their mother.
Do you think that a woman should change her appearance when she becomes a parent? Is it acceptable for a mother to have visable tattoos?

Alyssa Waters


burns090509 said...

I think as long as you are not being trashy then you are fine don't worry about ppl staring I have a 4 year old boy and I have 3 tattoo's one on my shoulder, lower back, and ankle, and my nose and belly button pierced....and you know what I am an EXCELLENT son gets everything he needs plus some!!!!!! So keep your head up and be the best mom you can be!!!! :D:D:D:D

1mommy2monsters said...

I have a total of 11 tattoos as of right now but looking to get a few removed only 3 of those show on almost a regular basis. I also have a nostril piercing. I once had my nostril, Monroe & deviated septum done but conformed for work. I love seeing other mothers with visible tattoos, but it still seems like society still hasn't excepted them. Tattooed mommies need to stick together & prove that our appearance has nothing to do with our capability to give our children what any other mother can.
& thank you for responding to this post. I love hearing what other mothers think.

Dbryant said...

Atleast u are showing your kids to be who they are no matter what other people think . Someone who judges your capability of being a mother based upon your appearance is just ignorant .