Getting ready for Amelia

As I'm ending my pregnancy, eagerly waiting the arrival of my little Miss Amelia, I am still trying to finish up getting ready for her. I have hit that love hate moment where I can not wait to see my little girls face & I keep thinking only 4more weeks till her due date, but on another note my mind is racing with the thought "I'm not ready". Having everything that is need for Amelia, but nothing is in the right place. Moving bedrooms & furniture from room to room trying to make everything just perfect, but nothing seems to be going according to plan.
With constant back pain & pressure below, we are all trying to get prepared for another baby in the house. Running around like chickens with our heads cut off. Keaton trying to "help mommy" with everything & moving things back to their original place has made everything take much longer than needed. I have hit that point where it feels like nothing will be how I want it until after she is already here. Hopefully this mommy can get a move on things & little miss Amelia will wait it out till December 9th.

Alyssa Waters

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